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The Coolest Attraction in the Outer Banks! Our themed escape rooms provide an awesome real-life adventure game in which participants have to use only limited tools and their wits to find clues, solve puzzles, and ultimately, ESCAPE!

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Mutiny on the Lark

In anticipation of the first mate’s treachery, Captain Fulton “Slaughterneck” Radcliff managed to escape the Lark, his beloved ship, onto an island where he waits for your help to plan his revenge.

Pirate Ship / 30% SUCCESS / 2-8 PPL

Cell Block 4 Death Row

You have been locked up  and on death row for a crime you were wrongfully convicted of 22 years ago. You are set to be executed in a week, so what do you have to lose?

Modern Day Penitentiary / 40% SUCCESS / 4-12 PPL

Cold Case Murder of Dawn Renee

It’s been thirty years since the death of 17 year old, Dawn Renee, an aspiring pageant queen. Both parents passed away and ever since their death, locals have noticed unusual activity occurring in and around the home…

Crime Scene / 30% SUCCESS / 2-8 PPL

Heroes Checkmate Mobile Escape Room

Your environment is no longer colorful, everything is black and white. Your life is now like a chess game, where every move has a purpose, where you must align your […]

Superheroes & Villains / 80% SUCCESS / 2-5 PPL


Because of your intrusion, Professor Manafestus is forced to initiate a MELTDOWN of the main E.S.C.A.P.E. reactor that will start a chain reaction that will level mountains and change the face of the Earth…

Mad Scientist's Hidden Laboratory / 70% SUCCESS / 2-8 PPL

Blind Tiger Speakeasy

You are on your way to make sure you find the ledger book before the police do…or you’re all going to the clink. 

Prohibition Era / 60% SUCCESS / 2-12 PPL

Coming Soon

Raptor Revenge

Deep in the jungle, at a remote Government facility, Dr Tremain’s secret laboratory has been breached. Hackers have not only stolen his research data, but they have been able to override communications […]

Laboratory in the Amazon / TBD SUCCESS / 2-6 PPL

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